Evaluation of the Effect of Constituents on Insulation Quality of Selected Biomass Composites

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E. O. Olutomilola
T. I. Ogedengbe


This study evaluated the effect of constituents on thermal conductivity of selected biomass materials namely sawdust, rice husk, coconut husk and palm kernel husk by using Lees' Conductivity Apparatus. The materials were collected, sun-dried, grinded and sieved. This paper also presents the hydraulic-press mould that was developed for moulding the materials into thin discs, called working samples, suitable for use in the Lees' Conductivity Apparatus. The thermal conductivity of these selected biomass composites were determined at temperatures between 35°C and 50°C. The results obtained showed that sample SC (which is a combination of sawdust and coconut husk) has the lowest thermal conductivity value of 0.0918 W/moC and sample P (which is palm kernel husk) has the highest thermal conductivity value, 0.1761 W/moC. The effect of change in constituents on the thermal conductivity of the biomass materials was examined using paired t-test. It was observed that the influence of the variation in the constituents of the working samples was statistically signficant at 80% confidence level. Hence, the insulation quality/ability of the biomass composites can be increased or reduced by varying their constituents.

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